Stores prep for shopper increase ahead of bad weather -

Stores prep for shopper increase ahead of bad weather

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ST. LOUIS ( -- Some grocery stores are adding extra staff to handle the shoppers who come in to stock up for the weekend before the bad weather moves in.

At Oak Hill Hardware just south of Tower Grove Park, the Ice Melt and windshield washer fluid are stacked in the front window.

People have already begun buying their supplies to handle the freezing rain and ice.

At the Schnuck's in Richmond Heights, the manager on duty says extra checkers have already been brought in.

Business is picking up and the store is expected to get even busier in the next day or two.

“It's mostly the basics; bread, milk eggs, comfort foods,” said Schnucks manager Bob Watkins. “Lot of chili fixings and soups, those kind of things.”

Shoppers have also thought ahead for the bad road conditions. Naomi Salvin explained, “I keep peanut butter in trunk in case I'm stuck in my car.”

Watkins says a contingency plan the store has worked out with vendors is now in place where vendors make sure to provide extra items to prevent selling out.

Thursday night, business could pick up at much as 50 percent compared to a typical night.

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