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Missouri's right-to-work bills could move quickly through legislative session

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Missouri capitol (Credit: KMOV) Missouri capitol (Credit: KMOV)

Lawmakers at the Missouri State Capitol are taking quick action to make Missouri a right-to-work state.

It is only the second week of the legislative session in Jefferson City, and Tuesday, Republican lawmakers plan to roll out five right-to-work bills.

Newly-inaugurated Gov. Eric Greitens has vowed to sign a right to work bill into law.

“This is unprecedented and it shows that they’re representing the billionaires,” said State Representative Bob Burns, a democrat. “A gentlemen from Joplin and the gentlemen from St. Louis who want right-to-work,  this has nothing to do with the people. We defeated right to work in ’78 and been fighting against it and they’re trying to push it through now there’s a Republican governor they have the votes as quickly as possible which is really unprecedented.”

Greitens, along with business groups and other Republicans, claim putting the law in place could lower unemployment rates and make Missouri’s business climate more attractive.

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The right-to-work law will ban union contracts from requiring union employees to pay dues as a condition for employment.

However, some democrats and labor leaders call the law “right-to-work less” and said wages in right-to-work states tend to be lower than other states. They claim unions need the fee requirements to ensure businesses do not peel away membership with enticements or threats to individual workers.     

There is a 2 p.m. hearing in Jefferson City Tuesday.

Lawmakers said one or more of the bills could be voted on within a week.

“The way I'm understanding it is they’re basically going to push them through as fast as they can and try to get it to the floor as soon as possible,” said Democratic State Representative Doug Beck. 

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