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82-year-old man hits blood donation milestone

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Blood donation (KMOV) Blood donation (KMOV)

MILLSTADT, Il. (KMOV.com) -- 82-year-old Marvin Skaer just accomplished a rare feat.

“There are my gallon pins,” he said as he displayed his collection. “From my 30 gallons.

The Millstadt native single-handedly donated 30 gallons of blood to the Red Cross over a 60 year period.

Skaer is a man of few words, but explained his need to help came from his family when he was just a teenager.

“My brother was in Korea and he was injured in the war and my mom went to the blood bank and took me along and that's how I got started,” he said.

He clearly hasn't stopped. He wears a particular shirt proudly, one that reads, “every pint matters.” 240 pints. 30 Gallons.

“It makes me feel good,” Skaer said. “Because it’s helping somebody.”

Skaer’s family has also stepped up, recently donating at a local blood drive. He couldn’t be happier, and neither could the Red Cross.

“Hero life saver. That's what he's basically doing,” said Red Cross spokesman Joe Zydlo.

But the organization says they need more donors. Blood donations are down in the St. Louis area by nearly 320 compared to the same time last year.

“Some weather has impacted it,” Zydlo said.

But Skaer has managed to find a way. He's hoping those who see his story will do the same thing.

“It's just the right thing to do. Blood is always on the short list. They're always needing blood.,” he said.

Marvin plans on donating more blood within the next eight weeks.

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