St. Louis County Police officer shares harrowing story of night -

St. Louis County Police officer shares harrowing story of night he got shot

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Officer Cody Goodwin speaking to News 4's Paige Hulsey. Credit: KMOV Officer Cody Goodwin speaking to News 4's Paige Hulsey. Credit: KMOV

The name Cody Goodwin may not be one that many people recognize, but his story is one that has become far too familiar. 

Officer Goodwin is a St. Louis County police officer who was shot in the line of duty just two weeks after his colleague, Blake Snyder, was killed. 

Officer Goodwin had only been working in St. Louis County for one month when he was shot in October 2016 while serving an arrest warrant in Castlepoint with a team of six police officers.

This week, he returned to active duty. 

“I’ve been ready to get back to it since it happened,” said Goodwin in an exclusive interview with News 4’s Paige Hulsey. “Nothing has stopped me from wanting to do this. There hasn’t been a single moment where I thought ‘Can I go back to doing this?’”

Still, Goodwin recognizes how close that night was to a tragedy. 

Goodwin said he was standing behind a patrol car when another officer knocked on the door of a home on Royal Drive. 

"The bullet went down and hit the windshield and came up at an angle. When it did this, the bullet fragmented. The second part of the bullet went over the top of my arm, which looking at the angle, it went right past my head," said Officer Goodwin.

The other piece of bullet went in his forearm near his elbow, exited and reentered on the anterior side and then lodged in his biceps. 

“Talking to the doctors, they told me it barely missed the bone in my arm and missed the artery by a centimeter, which, had it hit it, I could have bled out within two minutes.”

The pain was unlike any other he had felt. 

“My left arm just felt extremely hot. It felt like taking a fire poker out of the fireplace and jamming it right in your arm,” said Goodwin. 

He said a veteran officer who was nearby grabbed him and they hopped in a patrol car, deciding not to wait for an ambulance. Goodwin had the wherewithal to grab his trauma kit and put a tourniquet around his own arm to stop the bleeding on the way to the hospital. 

“My wife is in the National Guard. She gave me an old tourniquet that she had had and I stuffed that in my trauma kit Thursday morning. I was shot Thursday night,” said Goodwin. “She gave it to me a few days before but I had been waiting for my kit to come in. Thursday morning I was sitting on my bed, I pulled it out, and noticed it wasn’t staged how I was used to it. So I restaged it how I was used to it. I put it on my left leg, practiced. Put it on my left arm, practiced it. And that night, I used it.”

At the time she gave him the tourniquet, she was actually his fiancé. Their wedding had long been set for the weekend after the shooting. One week before the shooting, Goodwin attended the funeral of fellow St. Louis County Officer Blake Snyder, who was shot and killed in Green Park. With the magnitude of those two events sinking in, Goodwin said he was flooded with thoughts of what could have happened. 

“A week later (after Goodwin was shot), I’m standing back in my hometown, in my home church, friends and family are there. I’m standing at the alter waiting for my wife to walk down the aisle. And I’m looking out seeing all my friends and family and it starts to register, this almost wasn’t my wedding. It almost was my funeral,” said Goodwin. “One of those gut check moments where that was close. It was very close.”

Still, Goodwin said neither he nor his wife questioned if he would go back to patrolling the streets. 

“This is the most rewarding career I think you can have. You get to be there for people who absolutely can’t help themselves,” said Goodwin. 

The man accused of shooting Goodwin, Jo’Von Mitchell, is charged with first degree felony assault of a police officer. Officials said Mitchell was the suspect the officers were looking to arrest for weapons charges the night of the shooting. 

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