Senator-elect Duckworth talks Trump with steel workers in Granit -

Senator-elect Duckworth talks Trump with steel workers in Granite City

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Wednesday afternoon, U.S. Senator-elect Tammy Duckworth sat down with laid-off steel workers in Granite City as she prepares to take office.

Two hundred people will be heading back to work in February at the steel mill, but there are still hundreds without work and many have questions about what the future will bring. 

It’s been more than a year since hundreds of steelworkers in Granite City were laid off.  Right now, they are over campaign promises from Democrats and Republicans, and they're ready to see real action that can bring their jobs back. 

There has been good news for Granite City steel workers this month as employment benefits were extended and about 200 people are heading back to work. But for the nearly 1,800 still out of a job, some had tough questions for the Democratic Senator-elect who ran on promises of strengthening manufacturing and supporting trade policies that will help workers like those in Granite City. She said it will mean working across the aisle and with President-elect Donald Trump.

“If the president-elect puts together a real infrastructure bill that will bring jobs all across the country, which means the jobs can’t just stay in Chicago, but have to come here to Granite City, have to come all over then I will be fully supportive of Sucha Bill, that is the kind of investments in our nation's industrial capacity and infrastructure we should be making right now,” Duckworth said.

She also mentioned her support of President-elect Trump’s talk of renegotiating overseas trade deals. She said there are things that need to be changed  with that trade policy to help steel manufactures, and in turn their workers. 


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