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Police investigating a rash of stolen cars in Jefferson County

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Detectives with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department are investigating the theft of nine vehicles in less than two weeks, all of which were left with the keys in the ignition or were running to warm up with no one inside.

The latest vehicle that was stolen was a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado that was taken Monday morning from a driveway in the 2100 block of Santa Fe Circle near Arnold. Owner Grant Kriese thought a family member was in his truck when he saw it drive away around 8:30 a.m.

"Yeah, I was just waking up and i was lying on the couch. I went out here and I saw the truck take off but I thought it was one of them, that one of their cars wasn't working, said Kriese.

After posting information on Facebook about the theft, Kriese said he was contacted by people who said a woman was trying to sell a toolbox that matched the description of the one on his truck. He said the woman has a history of arrests for drug possession and auto theft.

Late Monday, the sheriff's department confirmed that Kriese's pickup had been found and a person of interest identified.

 According to Lt. Gary Higginbotham, it's not clear if the thefts are related but investigators are busy following leads. 

On December 20, an Oldsmobile Alero that was left running was stolen from in front of a home on Ravinia Way near Fenton while the owner went inside to get a jacket. The next morning thieves stole a Kia Optima that was warming up on Meriwether Court in Barnhart.

On December 22, thieves stole two cars left warming up, a Ford Fusion on Westward Trials Drive in Imperial and a Pontiac G-6 on Lightning Drive near Arnold.

On Christmas Eve around 9 a.m. , there were two incidents near Fenton. The owner of a Chevy Trailblazer reported it stolen while it was warming up outside a home on Chancellor Lane  and a Buick LeSabre was stolen while it was warming up on Ravinia Way.

The owner of a Honda Prelude left it running outside a home on Burgess Way in Barnhart, and reported it stolen around 7:15 a.m. on December 27. 

Detectives are also investigating the theft of a Ford Windstar minivan from Miller Road near Imperial sometime on December 19 or 20. Investigators say the vehicle had not been left warming up like the others but the owner left the keys in the ignition overnight. 

Sheriff's officials don't recommend you start your car and leave it unattended but if you do they suggest you lock it and take the key fob with you.

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