Guns getting into the hands of teens a possibility following Mis -

Guns getting into the hands of teens a possibility following Missouri's concealed carry law

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) -- Guns getting into the hands of teens. It is a concern in Missouri tonight as the state's new conceal carry law is set to take effect January first. This only applies to state law. Legal experts say some of the protections that were once there that prevented teenagers  to carry fire arms or carry conceal are no longer there the way the state statute now reads. 

"An individual under the age of 18 can conceal carry a firearm under state law as long as they are not a convicted felon. How does that affect kids 13, 14, 15, 17 years old? The argument is under state law, there is no provision that says they can not carry a firearm conceal," says attorney Matt Fry. 

How did our lawmakers let this happen? 

"For you to redraft the legislation, you have to understand the history of the legislation and I don't think they did. When you go in and you rewrite the law and you just put one sentence line in there that says you can conceal carry and you don't go in and make a distinction of age groups, then it opens it up to kids," says Fry. 

Again, this applies only to state law. With the law changing next month, Fry says it's still important to get a conceal carry license because it offers more protection. We found out many people are doing just that. 

"At first we saw a little dip in classes, two three seats open, no big deal. ln November and December, they were full every weekend. It was like whoa what's going on here," says Southern Armory owner, Aaron Tarlow. 

Tarlow says to him, this means one thing. 

"It is legal to carry a gun so maybe they are not going to get the permit the physical card, but they are saying I need to know what I am doing and that is awesome. It is showing responsibility on their half, but there is going to be a portion of our society that say they don't need the training and that is frightening," says Tarlow. 

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