Residents raise awareness for paralyzed officer with Dine Out Fo -

Residents raise awareness for paralyzed officer with Dine Out For Crosby

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ROCK HILL, Mo. ( -- More than a dozen restaurants around St. Louis have signed up for Dine Out For Matt Crosby next month.

Organizers hope that list will grow.

Rock Hill police officer Matt Crosby was shot and paralyzed from the chest down while responding to a domestic disturbance call in April of 2010.

Crosby has had four surgeries since July 2015 and is on bed rest most of the time. The only time he can leave the house is to go to a doctor's appointment and he has to be transported by ambulance.

Now complete strangers have banded together to help bring awareness to his situation.

News 4 met with Crosby today he said he didn't have the words to describe how it makes him feel.

But he did say "incredible" and "amazing."

Supporters are hoping to raise enough money to build him a home that would be modified for his needs and wheelchair accessible.

We asked Crosby what it is about police work he misses the most.

“Having, ya know, awesome nights at work, you help somebody. You go home feeling good about yourself.”

Now he has to depend on others.

Crosby was in the hospital recovering from a recent surgery the day Ballwin Officer Michael Flamion was shot and paralyzed.

He was rushed to the same hospital.

“At first I just broke down crying real hard. I felt horrible for him that that happened. I just know how hard this life is and wouldn't want that for anybody, especially another police officer.”

He met with Flamion's parents to tell them about life in a wheelchair and what to expect. The obstacles and more importantly, the possibilities.

You don't know anything about being paralyzed, what you can and can't do, unless you're thrown into that situation, so basically they were just asking me a lot of questions.”

Information on Dining Out For Matt Crosby can be found here.

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