Circuit Attorney on if strategies to reduce violent crime are wo -

Circuit Attorney on if strategies to reduce violent crime are working

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce said her office is making progress on tackling violent crime in the city.

Stats presented by Joyce on Monday show there have been 160 homicides in 2016, more than 1,000 armed robberies and 1400 victims of shootings.

In her time as Circuit Attorney, she focused on ways to reduce gun violence, such as sending prosecutors directly to crime scenes and creating the only gun offender diversion program in the country for non-violent offenders.

Despite the crime numbers, Joyce said progress is being made.

The rate at which murder cases are being issued by her office has increased from 57 percent in 2014 to 81 percent in 2016. She says that’s due to better communication between agencies and intelligence gathering.

Joyce acknowledges there is more work to be done. One around 20 percent of non-deadly shootings are solved.

Joyce’s office has also been gathering its own crime data, which shows crime isn’t concentrated to north St. Louis but has been spreading to western parts of the city, west of Kingshighway, both north and south of I-64.

Kim Gardener, the new Circuit Attorney, will succeed Joyce in January.

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