Helping Hands Healing Hearts trying to assist families in Tennes -

Helping Hands Healing Hearts trying to assist families in Tennessee

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A local ministry is trying its best to help out families severely impacted by the wildfires in Eastern Tennessee. 

Phyllis Jones is the founder of Helping Hands Healing Hearts and has a six-thousand foot warehouse in Pacific stock full of clothes, jackets, blankets and more.  Her collection is mostly from Walmart donations as she then gives them to other charities with needy children.

But as soon as she heard about the wildfires in Tennessee, deemed the largest in the state in 100 years, she just had to do something.

“I wanted to see what I could do to help,” Jones said.

So the founder of Helping Hands Healing Hearts called the American Red Cross which gave her the number for an office in Tennessee. 

“They said they would love for me to deliver to them but they didn’t have a truck for me to deliver the things,” Jones said.

Jones’ truck has been broken down for years so she has no way of getting all of these clothes and other items to their destination.

The Red Cross in Missouri says it has not been asked to assist while the Command Center in Sevier County – where the fires occurred in Tennessee – says they don’t need the items right now but that could change in a week or so.

Jones is still determined to help.

“I’m going to keep on working hard to keep giving it away as much as I can.”

If you would like to assist Phyllis Jones of Helping Hands Healing Hearts – or you know of a charity in need of clothing, jackets, blankets and other items – you can reach her at (636) 527-8420.

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