St. Louis-area CEO accused of kidnapping, assaulting Maplewood m -


St. Louis-area CEO accused of kidnapping, assaulting Maplewood man

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ST. LOUIS ( – Todd Beckman, the CEO of Bam Brands, is facing federal kidnapping charges after authorities said he allegedly kidnapped a man, beat him over a period of three days, and collected a ransom.

According to court documents, Beckman and three others are accused of assaulting and abducting a man from his Maplewood home on November 21.

The three others accused are Blake Laubinger, Caleb Laubinger, who are brothers, and Kerry Roades.  Another suspect involved but not facing charges at this time is Zachary Smith.

The victim indicated that he knew Beckman, the Laubinger brothers, and Smith for approximately three to five years. 

The victim told police he arrived home through his back door and entered his kitchen area, where he was attacked by the Laubingers. He said he struggled with the suspects, but was put in a choke hold, taken to the ground, struck in the face numerous times and kicked. He then said he was bound with zip ties and put into a car.

The suspects then drove him to a home in Pacific, where they reportedly led him down stairs, hit him multiple times and shocked him with a flashlight-style taser. The victim was bound to a support beam in the basement and was forced to urinate on a plastic tarp, officials said.

The victim told police the Laubinger brothers accused him of stealing money.

While at the Fenton residence, the brothers and other suspects, one of which was identified as Beckman, assaulted the victim, according to court documents. One of the suspects, identified as Smith, recorded part of the ordeal on his cell phone, the victim told police.

A day after being forcibly taken from his home, the victim’s mother received a call from her son’s phone. When she answered the phone, she could hear her son asking for help and saying he needed money. In the background of the phone call, she said she could hear a voice telling her she would never see her son if she did not get the money. The mother later identified the voice as Beckman.

Later in the same morning, the mother said she received threats towards her son and could hear him screaming in the background of the calls.

The victim told police Beckman struck him many times with a handgun and pressed the barrel of the handgun to his head and pulled the trigger, causing the handgun to make a clicking sound.

The same day the mother said she received the phone calls, the victim was moved from the basement of the Fenton home and forced into a storage container, where he was left overnight.

The next morning, the suspects demanded the victim sign a document. Later the same day, Beckman and another suspect placed the victim into a cargo van that had “St. Louis Tan Co.” decals and took him to the area of Gravois Bluffs, according to court documents. When the suspects removed the victim from the vehicle, they made him lay on the ground, then they returned his cell phone and left the area.

The victim was released from the custody of the suspects after his family paid about $27,000, police said.

“This is completely out of character for Todd. I know Todd. This is not Todd. I'm totally perplexed by the nature of these charges,” said Travis Noble, Beckman’s lawyer.

The victim had injuries consistent with his story, police said.

When Beckman was taken into custody he admitted, among other things, that he had been at the Fenton home where the victim was reportedly held, according to officials.

The victim identified Beckman, Blake Laubinger, Caleb Laubinger, Roades from a photo lineup.

"I think it is always dangerous and very irresponsible to jump to conclusions," said Scott Rosenblum, an attorney representing one of the alleged accomplices. "Like all cases, the facts are developing and they should play out in the courtroom before anybody forms an opinion or conclusion.".

Beckman and Blake Laubinger are still in police custody due to concerns they may leave the area.

Beckman, the Laubinger brothers, and Roades have preliminary hearings set for Tuesday afternoon.

Bam Brands owns Tan Company, Massage Lux, and other fitness companies.

The investigation is ongoing.

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