St. Louis County Police investing in new technology to prevent c -

St. Louis County Police investing in new technology to prevent crime

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - A North St. Louis County neighborhood has been a hot spot for crime recently. Earlier this week, a woman was shot and killed in her own home. Now police are investing in new technology in the Castle Point neighborhood in hopes of preventing crimes like that one.

"Who knows if this technology would have helped or how it would have helped," said Ben Granda, an officer with St. Louis County police.

Police will find out soon enough. This spring, they are installing new technology at the corner of Chambers and Halls Ferry Road. It's called shotspotter.

Granda said, "It's technology that's been proven successful throughout the country and it provides us real time information as far as how gun shots work."

The tool is placed in one spot and scans a three mile radius. It's a series of microphones that pick up the sound of gunfire, then pinpoints exactly where it's coming from, and sends that information to police.

"Hopefully the result is us getting to victims faster making more arrests and possibly intervening in crimes in progress," said Granda.

County police say it could be a game changer, especially in neighborhoods known for gun violence.

"We're dependent on a citizen to call us or a victim to show up somewhere. This way we're getting the information as fast as it's happening in real time so we can have officers on scene faster than ever," said Granda.

St. Louis County Council approved a $400,000 grant to pay for the technology over the next three years. St. Louis city police are already using shotspotter.

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