Despite mild weather, road crews thoroughly prepped for winter -

Despite mild weather, road crews thoroughly prepped for winter

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ST. CHARLES, Mo. ( -- While the forecast doesn’t call for snow just yet, road crews News 4 checked with say they are already prepared for whatever comes our way this winter.

Both MoDOT and IDOT have been doing some pre-treating on overpasses, bridges and areas that are known to ice up.

St. Charles County Highway Superintendent John Lyons says he’s keeping an eye on weather reports this weekend to see if his crews need to hit the roads.

The county says it has filled all five of its salt domes with 18,000 tons of salt.

Last month, they started inspecting the spreaders and plows and mounted them on the trucks and have also started making salt brine.  

While all of that activity is recent, winter weather preparations actually began in May.

“We start placing salt orders and usually get it delivered by June or July.Then start putting plows and spreaders on in November,” Lyons said. “Usually by Thanksgiving we’re set to go in case of an early snow.”

Lyons has this piece of advice for this winter: if we do have snow on the way and you can park your car off the street, please do so.

He says the plows can move a lot faster and get more done if they don't have to go around parked cars.

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