St. Louisans help fill soldiers' wishes overseas -

St. Louisans help fill soldiers' wishes overseas

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ST.LOUIS, MO. (KMOV) -- While we enjoy the holidays with friends and family at home, thousands of US servicemen and women are spending the holidays on duty and overseas. Some St. Louisans are working to send some of that home-style holiday cheer to them.

"Every gift must have a bow on it, I am emphatic, you got to have a bow on it," says Juilann Nahar. 

Nahar runs the group " A Soldier's Wish List."

The idea is to grant wishes to troops overseas. It all started when Nahar went to say goodbye to her son, a former soldier wounded in Iraq back in 2004.  

"I noticed there were men there that didn't have their family there to see them off. So, it started with four then it went to six and as of last year 298,000 thousand," she says.

Soldiers send in their wishes to the organization and they do their best to grant them, no matter what they might be. 

"We had a captain from St. Louis who asked for Imos pizza he was in Iraq. We sent him 25 fresh Imo's pizza's," says Nahar. 

On Saturday, Nahar says volunteers will turn into Santa's helpers and wrap thousands of gifts for the soldiers. 

"We can't go over there and fight for what we believe in, so the least we can do is show our support and send them the things that they miss from home," says Nahar. 

It is quite an expensive task to send the wishes. Roughly about $4,000 dollars with. If you would like to help donate money, or grant a solider's wish, just click here for more information:

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