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Police discover woman using dead person's handicap tag while shopping

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ST. CLAIR COUNTY, ILLINOIS (KMOV) - The Illinois Secretary of State is cracking down on the misuse of handicap stickers and discovered one woman was allegedly using a dead man's while shopping on Black Friday.

Friday morning, police patrolled the St. Clair Square Mall parking lot trying to find people parking illegally in handicap spaces. News 4 cameras were there as police caught a woman parking illegally, but when confronted, she would not answer any questions. Wilyam Moore was watching from a distance and has his theories about why that driver wouldn’t speak.

“Just because she's embarrassed. That's why she don't want to be on camera. She's embarrassed. She's illegally parking somewhere where she shouldn’t be parking. That should be a spot where I should be able to park at,” said Moore.

Sadly, Moore said he's seen that play out too many times.  Moore has been paralyzed for the last 17 years, and it's already hard enough finding a place to park close to the entrance.

“I get upset about it because sometimes people use another people stickers and I’m literally handicap for real,” said Moore.

Police said that driver’s handicap placard isn't valid, and it expired in 2014.  To make matters worse, it belongs to a person who is dead, Sgt. Gary Washburn said.

“Had a claim that she was using it for another individual who is still inside the mall which we witnessed her leaving the parking lot without ever picking anyone else up,” said Washburn.

Around the holiday shopping season, police see more people parking illegally. Drivers caught misusing a handicap placard face a 6 month driver's license suspension and a $600 fine.

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