Retired police officer helping other officers who are stressed -

Retired police officer helping other officers who are stressed

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - Police officers often seem to be a target for violent crimes.

The number of officers shot has increased across the country. In St. Louis County, police say they have had 12 incidents so far this year. The road to recovery can be a long road both physically and mentally.
Officers have a split second to make a life or death decision.
"It's extremely difficult and no one will ever understand what that's like unless you’re a police officer," said Craig Politte.

Politte is a former police officer, who opened his own therapy practice, Life Counseling Centers, and works with first responders.
"I think the culture cultivates this mentality of pulling up our boot straps and continuing on. We have to work the very next day, but all the while it's mentally exhausting but it's difficult to do it."
He said officers know how difficult the job is, but hearing "officer down" on the radio and responding to the scene turns their worst nightmares into reality.
"We look and wonder, boy that could have happened to me that could have been me or my wife or child and it's extremely difficult to go through that," said Politte.
Support is one way people can help ease their stress.
"We know there's a lot of support out there but unfortunately it's the silent majority and unfortunately it takes a tragic event like a loss of an officer or hurt that we come out and support," said Politte.
He said what could really turn this around, is the criminal justice system. "A lot of these people who are doing these violent crimes have a history and if we had stiffer penalties this may not happen."
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