Some parents say tax levy for Francis Howell School District was -

Some parents say tax levy for Francis Howell School District wasn't on ballot

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Some voters in St. Charles County claim a tax measure for the Francis Howell School District was not on their ballot.

More than two dozen parents of Francis Howell students says they never had the chance to vote on a 60-cent tax levy that would have provided funding for the district. Some voters who live outside the district saw the measure on the ballot. The St. Charles County Board of Elections told News 4 around 27 voters were affected. The proposition was defeated by a margin of 3,000 votes.

"It seems to kind of be a snowball. We are up to eight, nine people that have expressed concerns and we have more calls coming in," says Patrick Lane. Lane is co-chair of Citizens for Proposition Howell. "We would just like to know how many irregularities there were it maybe could have a total different outcome,"

Francis Howell administrators say the lack of funding is forcing them to make cuts and nothing is off the table. Officials are considering cutting choir, athletics, transportation and other activities. Class sizes may also increase.

The school district said redistricting may be one reason why the tax levy did not appear on every ballot, but redistricting has not occurred in years.

"To make such a change would require the votes of residents of two districts, and if such an election would have happened, I am sure the county board of election authority would have known about it," says Matt Deichmann, Chief Communications and Community Relations Officer for Francis Howell School District. 

St. Charles County election officials say they are investigating.

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