Sixth-graders returned found cash to 6-year-old -

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Sixth-graders returned found cash to 6-year-old

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Money (Credit: KMOV) Money (Credit: KMOV)

ST. LOUIS ( – A pair of young heroes did the right thing when they came across a stack of cash.

Caleb Scego and Cole Kearns are sixth grade students at Valley R-6 Elementary in Caledonia, Missouri, and they had just gotten off the school bus one morning when they saw a wad of bills.

“We were just thinking it was $1 so we opened it up and were like ‘Whoa! Whoever lost this just lost a lot of money,’” Scego said.

“We started counting it and then it was five bucks,” said Kearns.

The money belonged Alex Eads, who got the money as a payment from the tooth fairy and wanted to use it to buy Skittles.

There was another reason the money was so important, it was one of the few things Alex had left after his family’s home burned down weeks earlier.

“He got home from school and told me that he lost it and he was all depressed and down and I was like, ‘Bubba there’s nothing I can do for ya getting it back,” Eads mom, Rachael, said.

Little did she know that Scego and Kearns had found the money.

“After a little while I was thinking, eh, we better turn it in and so I found him and we both turned in the money,” Scego said.

“It was the right thing to do,” Kearns said.

So, the boys gave the money back to the 6-year-old, who spent it on Skittles.

“I just like Skittles,” Eads said.

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