Second day of protests at Ladue High School send another message -

Second day of protests at Ladue High School send another message

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LADUE, Mo. ( - Students walked out of class for the second straight day at Ladue High School, in protest of racial inequality. Thursday, they set a much different tone.

"We're trying to focus on bringing those to light by telling people’s stories of people who have been victimized at this school," said Ali Brock, a sophomore at Ladue High School.

People of all ages and all races shared stories of discrimination. The district tells News4 last week, a white student told a black student to go to the back of the bus, where she belongs, now that Donald Trump is president. That comment sparked an outcry.

Brock said, "We need to tell people that it's not acceptable the kind of hatred that's going on in this school. We need to focus on building this school up again so that it's better for generations to come."

During this day of healing, students are calling on the school to step up.

"Ladue is suppose to be a family we are not just friends we are not just acquaintances we are all just one big family," said Brock.

"I've never felt closer to my classmates before and I'm really happy that we're here and that we're united as a class," said AJ Oruwari, a junior at Ladue High School.

Students say they're hopeful they will see the change they're looking for.

"I feel like if we keep doing what we're doing now and bringing the school up and bringing power to the students than maybe we might just see that happen today," said Brock.

School administrators say they are giving students this time to express themselves. They have no plans to force students to go back to class.

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