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Taking a closer look at K-2 and why it is difficult to prosecute distributors

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) News 4 was on scene Wednesday as three men were arrested for allegedly distributing the K-2 synthetic marijuana. The suspects have since been released pending charges.

Even if those men are not charged in the City of St. Louis, they could face federal charges depending on the chemical makeup of the drugs, but the big question many people have is if the drug is even legal. 

"Bath salts, potpourri, badger repellant. All of these drugs when they are sold, have a label on them that say not for human consumption. That is because the bad guys know if they put that on there, it will bypass the federal drug administration," said Jason Grellner, the president of the Missouri Narcotics Officers Association. 

As president of the association, Grellner knows a lot about K-2.

"We are literately talking about nearly 3,000 synthetic substances making their way to the us, usually from china, and these substances were never tested on human beings because we never thought human beings would inject them," he said. 

That right there is the start of why it's difficult to pin-point the legality of K-2. Missouri law states the drug is illegal, but Grellner said there's a loophole. 

"Every time the DEA does a job of making some illegal, on either side of that drug are two more so the manufacturers in other countries just go to those next two," he said. 

With so many chemicals, the law has yet to catch up. 

"We are talking about maybe as many as three to four dozen of these 3,000 chemicals that have been scheduled by the DEA. But there's a long way to go," said Grellner. 

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