The fate of cigarette taxes will be decided through 2 different -

The fate of cigarette taxes will be decided through 2 different measures

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While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have attracted the most attention this election season, there are still several issues on the ballots to vote for. 

Amendment IV
For instance, Missouri voters will have to decide whether or not to ban a sales tax on services like haircuts, accounting services, and doctor visits. That measure is Amendment IV. 

This would limit new state or local sales taxes on any services or transactions that were not subject to such taxes on January 1, 2015. 

A "Yes" vote will support prohibiting the new state sales tax; a "No" vote would oppose the amendment. 

Pair of measures will impact price of cigarettes
Missouri voters will also decide on two separate measures that will raise the state tax on cigarettes. Currently, Missouri has the lowest tax on cigarettes in the country, with only 17 cents per-pack. 

Proposition A would add a 23 cent tax on cigarettes over time, beginning next year. If passed, the proposition would add 13 cents in 2017, five cents in 2019, and five cents in 2021. 

Amendment III would raise the state tax of a pack of cigarettes by 15 cents each year, for four years, for a total of 60 cents. 

Conflicting measures?
With both measures calling for a raise in the taxes on cigarettes, what happens if both measures are approved by voters? 

The attorney who drafted Proposition A said the two issues are not in conflict, so he believes they would both be implemented if both measures pass. 

However, the Secretary of State's Office said it will be for the courts to decide. Constitutional amendments supersede statutory changes. 

Keep track of election results
These measures are just some of the several issues, measures, and amendments that voters will decide on today. All eyes will be on today's results to see which issues pass nationally and locally. 

To keep track of the results throughout the day, you can download the KMOV Mobile App through your phone's app store. 

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