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Elections officials prepare for high numbers, voter security in St. Charles County

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As the polls prepare to open in St. Charles, officials said they expect an 85 percent turnout on Election Day. 

The expected turnout is normal for St. Charles, but officials said they are ready should the turnout exceed expectations. 

The St. Charles County Elections Director Rich Chrismer said the turnout could reach higher than expected due to the amount of new voter registrations. 

"(Voter turnout) could go higher because the number of voter registrations coming into our county is over 10,000 new voter registrations," Chrismer said. "That's telling me people are excited and want to get out there and vote." 

Chrismer said if the pools hit a 90 percent voter turnout, he would not be surprised. 

While the turnout could be normal, absentee voting in the county is much higher for this presidential election, especially mail-in ballots. Chrismer said it is double the amount compared to previous years. 

Equipment has been set up at more than 120 polling places throughout the county. At each polling place, paper ballots will be the only option for voting. 

Two years ago, the county received new machines that count the ballots. Election officials said the machines were added as an extra layer of security. 

Another layer of security voters will see will be more judges at each polling place. A lot of talk about rigged elections and voter fraud has been heard this election season. Election officials said they are trying to ease those concerns. 

Normally, there are six judges at each polling place in the county, but this year will see at least eight. Some bigger venues might even see ten judges. 

Replublican nominee Donald Trump called for more challengers inside polling places, and the county election officials plan to provide them. 

The plan will see about 17 republican challengers and eight democratic challengers. They will be at various polling places throughout the county. 

Those appointed to be a challenger were chosen by the campagin and registered with the county. 

The polls open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. 

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