Voter registration ongoing in Illinois -

Voter registration ongoing in Illinois

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The country is now one day away from what many are calling an historic election.

While many people in Illinois have taken advantage of early voting opportunities, others may have missed the deadline to register to vote.

Luckily, a legislation passed about two years ago means those people will have a chance to register to vote and cast their ballots on Election Day.

News 4 reached out to the Madison County Clerk, Debbie Ming-Mendoza. She said since the October 23 online registration deadline, people have continued to take advantage of the grace period.

“Mostly it’s students. 18-year-olds who are very excited to get to have a voice in this election. But it can also be people who just recently moved. Because if you’ve moved out of your precinct for example and you’ve been gone for 30 days, you’re required to re-register,” she said.

Ming-Mendoza added they have separate judges at each polling place to help those who are there specifically to register and vote.

She said these deputy registrars have been trained for this and hopes it will help speed the process up.

She also warned about the importance of residents making sure they provide the right information to avoid fraud.

“Those individuals are taking an oath during that process. Swearing that the information they’ve provided is true and accurate. It’s not on the deputy registrar to be sure that they are who they say they are. It’s on the voter because that’s a felony if they lie,” she said.

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