Affton School District asks voters for more money twice -

Affton School District asks voters for more money twice

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In South County, voters in the Affton School District will be asked to hand over more money to schools not once, but twice, on Tuesday’s ballot.

Superintendent Steve Brotherton said there are several reasons why the district is asking for more funding.

According to Brotherton, the state is not fully funding the cost of educating each student, old buildings need upkeep and improvements, property values have dropped which in turn decreased revenue, and student enrollment has jumped.

Brotherton said there was an 8 percent enrollment increase from last year. The age of those new students, mostly kindergarteners, reveals an interesting trend in the Affton area.

“Our zip code, 63123, that most of the Affton School District resides in is the oldest zip code in Missouri. So we kind of feel like our neighborhood is turning over a bit,” said Brotherton. “The second biggest group was at 9th grade, so that freshman year of high school. We are thinking a lot of people are choosing Affton as a first choice high school and not necessarily as many kids going to parochial and private schools.”

Now, district leaders said they need to plan for the long term. Voters will find two propositions on Tuesday’s ballot. Prop I is a 38 cent tax levy. Prop N is a $25 million dollar bond issue.

“All of Prop I will go into general revenue and Prop N, the bond, it will do two things. It will add 1.6 million to the general revenue which can be spent on salaries, benefits, buses, electricity, just the operation of the school district. The additional 10-12 million would be for building upgrades,” said Brotherton

He said the average home in Affton is valued at $139,000. If both propositions pass, they would cost the average home owner $19.15 per month.

Brotherton said he understands voters often ask why administrators’ salaries are not the first to be cut. He said they have cut two central office positions and are as lean as they can get.

Prop I needs a 50 percent majority to pass. Prop N needs a 57.1 percent majority to pass.

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