Family of Union woman found dead in Mexico still searching for a -

Family of Union woman found dead in Mexico still searching for answers

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Tamra Turpin Tamra Turpin

The family of Tamra Turpin, the Union woman who was found dead in Mexico earlier this year, is still searching for answers.

Her body was found on March 2 in Playa Del Carmen. An autopsy showed she'd been strangled.

Her boyfriend, local attorney John Loveless, is sitting in a Mexican jail awaiting trial in her murder. 

"We all have our ups and downs. I mean, the grieving process has been difficult, especially with there being some unanswered questions," says Jodi Mills, Turpin's sister. 

Mills says not a day goes by when she doesn't think of her sister. 

Investigators say they found Turpin dead in a condo in the Caribbean where she and Loveless were vacationing.

"It was by asphyxia strangulation. Look at the heartbreaking photos with all the bruising.  I mean she had the crap beat out of her," says Mills. 

The family still wants to know the motive behind her murder. Up until now, the family wasn't ready to share what they know about the investigation.

"Until we got the family ready to let everybody know everything about the case and now we are ready," she says. 

They created a Facebook page about Tamra called Justice for Tamra Turpin.  On it, the family has posted pictures and documents from the case. 

"I want to spread the awareness about domestic violence and I want justice for my sister. What happened to her is wrong," she says. 

Turpin's family is set to be in a Mexican courtroom in February, 2017, when Loveless faces trial. They hope justice will be served. 

"There was never a dull moment with Tamra, she was set in her own little ways. She was one of kind," says Mills. 

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