Affton carjacking victim: 'It was the scariest moment of my life -

Affton carjacking victim: 'It was the scariest moment of my life'

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A St. Louis County Police officer shot and killed 19-year old Aaron Ballard, after police say Ballard pointed a gun at them. 

The shooting happened late-Monday night after a police chase that stretched from Jennings, Mo., into the St. Louis city limits.  

But this case all started early Monday morning when, according to police, two masked men stole a Mercedes in Affton.

The stolen Mercedes belongs to Excell Harris has lived in Affton for the past ten years. 

"It was the scariest moment of my life, I just didn't know what to do," Harris said.

Harris has lived on Waldo Avenue in Affton for the past ten years. 

"You never see carjackings or anything bad going on in this neighborhood it's always good, quiet and everything," Harris said.

That is, until Monday morning.

Harris said his sister just got home, and he and a friend were headed out to get food.

"We hopped in the car; not even about a minute later, two guys come down the street--all black with masks on their face (and they) had two guns," Harris said. "My friend told me to watch out and as soon as I turned around there was a gun in my face."

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said, "Anytime you are robbed at gunpoint by masked men, obviously, it's going to get the attention of law enforcement."

County police spotted the stolen Mercedes near Jennings. An officer chased the car to where it crashed, on Lee, near Fairground Park in North City.

Police say four men got out of the car, and one man pointed a gun at the officer. That's when they said the officer shot and killed Ballard.

"It all begins to fit together. It is remarkable to have individuals in a vehicle with a mask and rubber gloves on, that's not something you encounter everyday but it lends itself to part of this criminal investigation and perhaps answer some questions," Chief Belmar said. 

Harris said he's thankful police are getting answers and hopes to get the car back. But most importantly, he feels lucky to be alive.

"I thought I was (going) get killed really, the first time I saw the gun I was just fearing for my life," Harris said.

Police said the three suspects who got away are still on the run. Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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