Campaign season getting people to the polls early -

Campaign season getting people to the polls early

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Voting in Missouri Voting in Missouri

This campaign season has people so fired up, some can't wait to vote.

But in Missouri early voting is not allowed, only absentee voting is. News 4 wanted to know if people were voting absentee in person in order to avoid election day crowds.

"Every vote counts. I wanted to make sure with this close election that when I am watching TV on election night as those votes come in, I want to feel confident  that mine is in there," says NiCole Gipson. 

That's why Gipson says she voted absentee ballot in St Louis County Monday. 

"I went early today to feel confident my vote was in there," she says. 

How do you know if you're eligible to vote absentee? State law says you have to have a reason, such as being out of the county on election day or you have a disability that would prevent you from going to the polls. But is absentee in is really the same thing as early voting? 

"It is a form of voting before election day but again you have to have one of those reasons specified by law," says Eric Fey, St. Louis County Elections Director. 

But no matter the reason, the county says they've been busy with absentee voters.

As for Gibson, she told us during her experience something she saw didn't sit with her. 

"I actually saw an elderly man, African American who came in planned to vote, wanted to see an electronic voting machine, asked a worker and they would not allow him to see it. He was used to voting in a certain way he left frustrated, mad, they were not nice to him he left without voting," she says. 

That's why you might see Gibson as poll worker in upcoming elections. 

"Everyone should have an opportunity and feel comfortable. You shouldn't be discouraging people to vote you should be warm and welcoming and everyone should have a voice," she says. 

In Illinois, early voting is underway. But a change in the law also allows people to register and vote on the same day. Because of the possibility of a busy election day, officials are encouraging everyone to vote early. 

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