Two mothers find worms in baby formula -

Two mothers find worms in baby formula

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. ( -- A Missouri mother in the middle of feeding her daughter says she had to look twice when she noticed something wrong with the formula.  

"You guys are not going to believe this. I found worms! Lots of worms!" the mom said in a video posted to Facebook.

The Kansas City, Missouri mother says she was using cans of Nutramigen to feed her daughter.

Another mother had a similar problem with a different formula made by Similac. Helen Williamson said she found worms crawling in powdered formula.

The videos and pictures have been shared on social media thousands of times.

"I happened to glance over at the bottle and saw you know waves. I pick up the bottle and hold it in the light and I see worms like inching up," she said. "It was a brand new bottle. It was sitting in the cupboard but I still cleaned it out with soap and water. You know I depend on that company and this is what happens then I hear that this isn't the first time. It's not right. It really isn't."

The company that produces Similac says a third party bug scientist looked the photos and says the moth larva got into the formula after it left facilities and the safety seal was removed.

The makers of Nutramigen have not yet made a statement.

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