Eureka's "Read Like Me" program a big success -

Eureka's "Read Like Me" program a big success

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Eureka Read Like Me program. Credit: KMOV Eureka Read Like Me program. Credit: KMOV

The Rockwood School District has a new program this year.  It’s called “Read Like Me”.  The goal is to gets the right books into the hands of the right students. 

Boys reading the books with male characters.  Girls reading books with female characters.

“So often they read books and it’s just about boys.  It’s important for the girls to have good role models, good protagonists and antagonist characters to see in their literature.  At the same time the boys need those same things,” Brittany Hogan, Rockwood’s coordinator of educational equity and diversity, said.

It’s not just gender that’s important.  School officials say they want their African American students to read books with African American characters.

The program works like a book club.  Students in the fourth and fifth grade meet once a week, usually during lunch.  They read a book with the librarian, a counselor or a principal.  They engage is a discussion about how the book – and the characters – relate to them.

So far it’s been a huge success.

“(The characters) are similar to me so when I get mad I’m not the only one in getting angry and frustrated,” Daijah Sharp said.

“When I read a book it makes me feel like there’s a connection to me and what I’ve done.  It’s the same thing as the character,” Cameran Isaac-Tinsley added.

“It makes me feel good and it shows me that when I get upset I’m not the only person that takes my anger out like that,” Aaliyah Smallwood said.

So far there are about 30 books in circulation and officials say they’re trying to get even more for the future.  

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