Sen. Blunt supporting Trump: 'We don't need a third Obama term' -

Sen. Blunt supporting Trump: 'We don't need a third Obama term'

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Sen. Roy Blunt (Credit: KMOV) Sen. Roy Blunt (Credit: KMOV)

ST. LOUIS ( – Senator Roy Blunt will continue to support Donald Trump.

Following a meeting with business owners and healthcare stakeholders in Chesterfield about his work to replace ObamaCare Monday morning, the senator said he supports Trump because “we don’t need a third Obama term.”

 “I think if you want to do something about ObamaCare, which we just talked about here, the out of control regulators, the terrible foreign policy, you can’t do that by electing people who have been part of the Obama term. We don’t need a third Obama term, as long as the choices are Clinton and Mr. Trump, I’m for Mr. Trump,” said Blunt.

When asked about House Speaker Paul Ryan’s decision not to campaign for Trump, but focus on maintaining the House majority, Blunt said no matter who is elected president, someone must fight for Missourians in the Senate.

“I think the congress matters. I think clearly, no matter who is elected president you need someone fighting for Missourians in the senate. I’ve been doing that, I intend to continue doing that, looking for better jobs and better opportunity, challenging this disastrous healthcare situation the Obama administration got us in, regulators that are out of the control, I intend to continue doing that no matter who the president is, but I think we need to be looking for solutions to problems and I think a Republican house and a Republican senate will provide those solutions,” said Blunt.

When asked his thoughts on others withdrawing their support for the Republican presidential nominee he said, “Everybody has to make that decision for themselves.”

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