Democrats, Republicans react to debate in 'Spin Alley' -

Democrats, Republicans react to debate in 'Spin Alley'

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Sen. Claire McCaskill in 'Spin Alley' after the debate at Washington University (Credit; KMOV) Sen. Claire McCaskill in 'Spin Alley' after the debate at Washington University (Credit; KMOV)

ST. LOUIS ( – Once the debate wrapped at Washington University Sunday night, both media and campaign officials hit “Spin Alley.”

In “Spin Alley” local and national democrats and republicans were able to give their thoughts on the debate and the candidates’ answers. Particularly, they gave their thoughts on how the two nominees plan to help inner city issues and bridge the gap between people and police.

“What he will do for a city like St. Louis is bring back the ladder of success in America. This gentleman has a ladder here, we used to have a ladder of success in America, it started with a safe community, good schools, and jobs. What Donald Trump has described  on numerous occasions is that he want to make community safe. Our American inner cities are no longer safe,” said former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

“Hillary does have a plan to do that, and that is to train and retrain police officers on how to defuse situation without resorting to violence and on how to deal with biases perceived or otherwise and to defuse volatile situations before they become deadly,” said U.S. Representative Lacy Clay.

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, took to “Spin Alley” to dispel speculation that the Republican nominee would consider dropping out of the race after a video surfaced Friday of him saying vulgar things about women.  

“He has never considered that. He is in 100 percent,” Conway said. "I'm very proud of mister Trump tonight. He came to play and he prepared very well for this debate and he showed everyone that he is fit to be president. He was funny, he was very serious on a number of issues. He got under Hillary Clinton’s skin, it very obvious she had these candid responses and was hurdling them when the didn’t even apply."

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill told News 4’s Chris Nagus the transcripts of the Wall Street speeches are the last thing on the list of things that need to be released from the Clinton campaign. 

 “I think that, frankly, there is a lot of things that haven’t been released in this campaign. I think that’s probably last on the list,” said Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill. "There is no contrition on the part of Donald Trump. He’s just defiant. He thought he would rattle Hillary Clinton by doing that and it clearly didn’t work. She was poised, she was statesman like. She showed that she is in fact the one on that stage that ready to step into the oval office." 

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