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Washington University students embrace insanity on campus

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Sign on Washington University campus (Credit: KMOV) Sign on Washington University campus (Credit: KMOV)

The second Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump takes place in St. Louis at Washington University this Sunday.  It’s among the biggest events the campus has ever seen – largely due to the divisiveness between the two candidates.

Students at Washington University say this is certainly a crazy time to be walking around.

“It’s insane to be a freshman here at Washington University when this debate is going on,” Renee Wanke said.

“It’s so crazy.  There’s so many precautions on campus now and the media is set up everywhere.  There’s even horses on campus.  Seeing everything go down is very cool and interesting,” added Lelandra Randle.

Students are interested in hearing Trump and Clinton actually debate real politics and not just insult each other which is what they’ve been doing for the last several weeks and months.

“We’ve heard them rail on each other a lot so I hope there’s not as much of that.  Obviously there probably will be but I hope to see a little bit more substance this time,” Charlie Lenihan said.

“The college democrats and college republicans put out a joint press release (this week) reaffirming our commitment to a civil and respectful dialogue.  At the end of the day on October 9 we want to be the adults in the room and set an example for the countless Americans who have become so disenchanted with the political process that they don’t want to even vote in November,” Jimmy Loomis said.

 “I really want to hear them talk about college affordability and education in general,” Loomis added. “We don’t hear a lot about (kindergarten through 12th grade) and I think that’s a very important issue for students to succeed in a college environment.”

News 4 and KMOV.com will have complete coverage of the debate starting on Sunday morning.

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