Affton High School offers moment of silence to honor Officer Syn -

Affton High School offers moment of silence to honor Officer Synder

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AFFTON, MO. The energy and excitement of Friday night football got off to a strong start. But it was the moment of silence that really got the crowd, no matter who they were rooting for, to come together.  

"With everything going on and the two schools, we get along so well, we just thought it would be nice if we all joined together," says Affton coach Dan Oliver. 

Players knelled and everyone took a moment to reflect.  

 "We have a really big community tie with Affton and the police department it was really emotional. It was also really cool  to see the McCluer kids out with ours," says Becky Blake. 

Front and center on everyone's minds, Officer Blake Synder. "It shows our first responders, how really important we feel they are for us and we don't often tell them. it was a great thing," says Todd Westermayer. 

The moment of silence was not just for Officer Snyder, but also a former member of the football team. We are told one of the coach's son's who once played for the team, was killed earlier this week by gun violence. The moment of silence was to honor him as well. 

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