Resignation letter sheds light on Maryland Heights' Deputy Chief -

Resignation letter sheds light on Maryland Heights' Deputy Chief's suspension

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. ( - A resignation letter from a Maryland Heights councilwoman gives new insight into the ongoing suspension of Deputy Chief Joe Delia. 

Police Chief William Carson and Joe Delia were suspended August 25 after claims of an unfair work environment. Chief Carson was reinstated in September, but Delia remains on leave.

There have been no details released on the allegations, and city officials have refused to comment. 

But in September, Councilwoman Angela McCormick abruptly resigned her position, citing "insolent treatment" by members of the city council. 

In the letter obtained by News 4, McCormick said, "I cannot, in good conscience, be a participant in a decision-making process that I disagree with, nor be a part of the unethical treatment and complete disregard for city employees who have dedicated their life's work to this great city."

McCormick ends the letter saying "Perhaps I am too idealistic to serve on this council. It is my belief, however, that a city council must exist for the sole purpose of upholding the best interested of the city, as a whole, and not that of individual personal interests and selfish ambitions."

There was no resolution nor further details released at the council meeting on October 6. Several residents were there in support of Delia. 

Mayor Mike Moeller will appoint a replacement for McCormick to complete her term which runs until April 2017.

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