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Teenage driver's father tells his side of Oakville High School story

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Jeff Weber (KMOV) Jeff Weber (KMOV)

A 48-year man suffered serious injuries after getting hit by a car late Sunday night following an annual tradition where students at Oakville High School teepee homes.

A teenage driver was leaving a residence with three friends in the 2400 block of Southwind Meadows Court when the homeowner came out and confronted the boys.

The man ended up getting hit by the car as it fled the area but the driver’s father says there is another side to the story.

“The gentleman was in front of the vehicle yelling obscenities and threatening the boys,” the teen's family said. “At that point I just think the boys had no alternative but to flee.”

Weber also released a statement saying, "Certain allegations of what happened are not true. There are a lot of rumors going around social media that are also not true. We ask everyone reserve judgement until the investigation is complete."

Weber says his son told him the man took an object and smashed the windshield.  News 4 has photo documentation of a white Jeep with a damaged windshield.  He also said the man was blocking the path of the vehicle so there was no way to leave the neighborhood.

“He did not floor the gas,” Weber said. “He put it in drive, lurked slowly and yelled at the man to get off the vehicle.  Get off the vehicle, get off the vehicle.”

And he did not.

“No, he did not.”

The man is in serious condition at a local hospital.  There is blood on the street along with eggs and toilet paper used by the students for the annual tradition.

“The annual teepeeing needs to go away. What this school district has go on every year just needs to go away.”

“No families deserve this.  Absolutely not.”

Oakville High School canceled the powder puff game set for Monday night which is part of homecoming week.  The football game and dance are still set to go on.

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