Double check passport dates before traveling -

Double check passport dates before traveling

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ST. LOUIS (CBS Newspath) – If you are planning to travel out of the country soon be warned that just because you have a valid passport does not mean every nation will accept it.

Clark and Jill Soderlund’s passports weren’t expiring until late August so they were planning a European Vacation, leaving in late May and returning the first week of June.

The couple was shocked when they arrived to check-in and the gate agent informed them their passports were not valid because some countries in Europe require passports to be valid up to six months beyond the return date.

Travel expert Johnny Jet said countries do this in case of an unexpected stay.

“Let’s say you’re in an accident and all of a sudden you’re in a hospital for a few months. They don’t want to deal with someone who doesn’t have a valid passport,” Jet said.

Getting a passport renewed can take eight days, but the Soderlund’s got lucky because they went to a passport agency that allowed them to get a new one in a few hours so they could go on their trip.

The state department’s US passport site allows travelers to enter their international destination so they can find out how long their passport needs to be valid for. Click here to view the website.

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