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Hemp oil almost ready for Missouri

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EUREKA, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

A greenhouse that grows hemp in Eureka is almost ready to start helping epilepsy patients in Missouri.

The Noah's Arc Foundation of Missouri harvested the cannabis plants recently and is now testing the CBD oil for distribution.

The oil is now becoming widely accepted to help treat severe forms of epilepsy especially in children. The plants look similar to marijuana, but so called - industrial hemp - does have any of the properties to get anyone "high."

The growing of hemp was approved in Missouri in 2014 and the greenhouse won approval in Eureka last November. Dr. Jason Strotheide said his facility is expected to produce enough oil to initially help about 35 people in the state.

"The state doesn't want us overproducing plant or finished product," he said.

A referendum on medical marijuana in Missouri was recently rejected by a judge. Illinois recently expanded its medical marijuana law to treat more illnesses.

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