Nike to sell 'power lacing' shoes soon -

Nike to sell 'power lacing' shoes soon

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The famous power-lacing hi-tops worn by Michael J Fox in Back to the Future Part 2 are the stuff legends are made of.

Now after decades of waiting, Nike has finally delivered.

The shoemaker released a promotional video teasing the release of the new "Hyperadapt 1.0."

The shoes feature battery operated power laces and LED lights. Nylon bands running along the shoe's tongue and sides are the ones that will tighten when you press of the buttons at the sides.

The battery of the self-lacing shoe can last for around two weeks.  When they run out of power it takes about 3 hours for recharging.

The "Hyperadapt 1.0" goes on sale November 28.  But you won't be able to walk into just any store and get them. They will be in select stores and sold by appointment only.

Nike has not said anything about price yet. But you can bet they will cost a pretty penny.

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