Problems with voter registration cards adding to headache for Bo -

Problems with voter registration cards adding to headache for Board of Elections

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – A non-profit focused on increasing voter registration and based in Washington D.C. is stirring up problems here in Missouri.

The Voter Participation Center sent out 11 million voter applications across the country, including more than 300,000 in Missouri. They are showing up in mailboxes around St. Louis and the Secretary of State’s Office has notified election officials across the state.

Linda Hamberg got a letter in the mail addressed to her husband’s Aunt Myrtle. It contained a voter application partly filled out with a return envelope. The problem is that Aunt Myrtle does not live in St. Louis, she lives in Ashville, North Carolina, or at least she did before she died about eight years ago.

“Myrtle is dead and never lived here. Where are they getting the information? This is a huge potential for voter fraud,” said Hamberg.

There are reports that The Voter Participation Center has not only sent voter registration to the deceased, but a dog as well. The center says they target unregistered, eligible voters.

The St. Louis County Election Board said they are already working seven days a week gearing up for the election and now the office has been inundated with several thousand calls related to the mailings from the Voter Participation Center. 

“People are calling and really upset thinking their registration has been canceled…especially the elderly [who] haven’t read the letter closely…so we’re trying to calm them down,” said Julie Leicht, Deputy Director of the St. Louis County Board of Election Board.

Additionally, the mailings say the deadline to register to vote is October 17 which is incorrect. The deadline to register to vote is actually October 12. 

Election officials say if you get one of these voter applications and believe you are already registered, the best thing to do is call the board of elections to confirm.

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