France builds wall to keep out migrants -

France builds wall to keep out migrants

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( - After weeks of preparation, workers have begun building a 13-foot high wall in northern France to try to keep migrants from sneaking onto ferries crossing the English Channel.

The 0.6 mile-long wall is the latest barrier against thousands of migrants living in a makeshift camp near the port town of Calais.

Many of the migrants desperate to get into Great Britain slip onto trucks that board the ferries or trains that traverse the channel through a tunnel.

A high barbed-wire fence already protects the port area. Britain is paying to erect the wall, which will be covered with plants for aesthetics.

Critics of the wall note that France plans to dismantle the makeshift camp by the time the wall is expected to be completed at the end of 2016.

Volunteers from a Spanish humanitarian volunteer group at the Jungle said the wall said the migrants and refugees needed the "opportunity to live a dignified life," and called on a coordinated European response to the crisis.

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