Metro East brewery, restaurant holds canned food drive to help S -

Metro East brewery, restaurant holds canned food drive to help Salvation Army

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4204 Main Street Brewing Company. Credit: KMOV 4204 Main Street Brewing Company. Credit: KMOV

Follow Salvation Army Captain Claudia Simmons into the basement of the Salvation Army’s facility in Belleville and she’ll show you where the food used to be stacked up. 

A part of the basement was filled with canned goods to be shared with those in need.  But there is no more food.  Simmons says a food drive in late December, 2015 was supposed to help see them through the end of the year.  But this past summer severe storms knocked out electricity in the area.  With no refrigeration several people turned to the Salvation Army for help. 

Illinois is also still in the midst of a budget crisis and money and grants from the state are dwindling.  That only compounds the problem.  Simmons says when she checks the July records it shows that there were more than a thousand calls from people looking for assistance but they were not able to help.

Next door to the Salvation Army is The 4204 Main Street Brewing Company.  Workers at the craft brewery heard about the food shortage at the Salvation Army and decided to help.  On Monday night, the brewer posted information on its Facebook page asking for donations.

The 4204 Main Street Brewing Company will give diners 10 percent off their meal on Wednesday and Thursday.  The discount will be given directly back to the diner who may then donate it back to the Salvation Army if they wish.  

Also, if a person makes a canned food donation on Saturday during the Oktoberfest celebration at the 4204 Main Street Brewing Company, they will receive a beer ticket. 

 The Salvation Army is requesting canned meals such as ravioli, tomato soup or SpaghettiOs. Any canned food items can be dropped off at 4204 West Main Street or at the Salvation Army next door.

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