Cyclist demands answers after being struck by hit-and-run driver -

Cyclist demands answers after being struck by hit-and-run driver

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( – A cyclist is looking for answers from the driver who hit him and drove away.

University City Police say the van that hit the cyclist was driving too fast towards the intersection of Delmar and 170, barely stopping where they should.

“I typically train about six days a week,” said Evan Blankenship. “It’ll probably be six months before I’m back on the bike again.”

University City police officers say a green utility van was speeding towards the onramp to I-170 as Blankenship was riding eastbound on Delmar. Blankenship had a green light as he rode through the intersection, but he couldn’t stop in time.

He was hit and spent five days in the hospital with broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and a fractured leg.

“I went from being in probably the best shape of my life to using a walker and laying and sitting all day,” he said. “I mean, my world changed so quickly.”

His medical bills are upwards of $6,000. But what he’s really bummed about is his bike.

“It’s been hard,” Blankenship said. “I mean, my bike has been in the corner all mangled and I have to look at that every day.”

Police are still searching for a green van that was driven by a white male.

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