Move-out date extended for residents at Belleville apartment com -


Move-out date extended for residents at Belleville apartment complex

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BELLEVILLE, Ill. ( – Residents living at a dangerous apartment complex in Belleville now have until the first week of August to leave.

The residents of the Rob Nora Apartments were originally told they had until Wednesday to find a new home because the building was recently deemed unsafe and dangerous to live in.

“One of my neighbor’s ceiling fell in up there and a lot of the apartments aren’t finished,” said Willie Ball, who has lived at the Rob Nora Apartments with his wife and grandchildren for four years. “There is mold in some places too. But ours isn’t like that.”

The residents learned their building would be closed up at the beginning of the month, giving them less than 30 days to pack up and get out.

“If you knew this place was not fit for us to stay, you should have gave us at least a three month warning to where we can save first and last month’s rent,” Ball said. “Trying to get somebody to help you move your stuff. And like I said, my biggest concern is my wife. My wife is sick.”

In June, a judge declared the apartment complex owner had allowed the building to become dangerous to the lives of the residents and failed to comply with city codes. That led to the city revoking the owner’s occupancy permit.

Many of the residents are struggling to find a new place to live, but Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert says they’ve given the property owner many breaks and many chances over the years.

The city’s director of health, housing and building plans to visit the complex next weekend to see how many people are still residing there.  

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