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Fenton dentist office dedicates day to giving 'Deaf People a Smile'

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Dr. Jessica Nieva (Credit; KMOV) Dr. Jessica Nieva (Credit; KMOV)

FENTON, Mo. (KMOV.com) – A Fenton dentist office spent a day giving “Deaf People a Smile.”

Scott Mady was born completely deaf and making a trip to the dentist challenging.

“There’s always a communication breakdown, but when you come here, I was like ‘okay, let’s just see what she has to offer,’” Mady said.

Mady went to Dr. Jessica Nieva, who, along with her husband Abram, own Fenton Family Dentistry.

“For someone who can’t hear real well, to be able to go into a medical or dental office and have their conditions explained to them, the treatment, outcomes explained to them in a way that they can understand is very difficult,” Abram said.

Which gave Dr. Nieva an idea, a whole day, named “Give Deaf People a Smile,” to treat only people who were deaf or hard of hearing.

“The idea came from a great need to take care of these deaf individuals that don’t seek dental care because of communication barriers or lack of insurance,” Jessica said.

There were interpreters in every room and the work was done free of charge.

“I was born profoundly deaf,” Jessica said. “My parents didn’t find out until I was 18 months. I didn’t get a cochlear implant until I was 30.”

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