Storm destroys Belleville home beyond repair -

Storm destroys Belleville home beyond repair

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This might be the worst damage from Thursday’s storm. A lightning bolt hit a giant oak tree in the yard of a home on south 15th street during Thursday’s powerful thunderstorm. 

"It hit about halfway up this tree and split it in half," said Kirk Freimuth, whose father and stepmother own the home. A 50-foot section of the tree fell across the roof leaving a gaping hole and allow rain to pour into the house.

Power was restored to the rest of the neighborhood on Friday, but the Freimuths were told they’d have to wait for electricity at the damaged house. "The house is not structurally sound and they're not going to turn the power on till we can prove it's structurally sound," said Freimuth.

Adding to the family’s troubles is the fact that the house doesn’t have insurance and the cost repairs may surpass the value of the home.

Friends, family and neighbors have pitched in to help cut up and remove as much of the downed tree as possible and a friend with a tree service promised to remove the remaining section.

Freimuth told News 4 that the family is hoping someone in the homebuilding industry will help them evaluate the extent of damage so a decision can be made whether the home can be repaired or will have to be torn down.

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