Some first responders are concerned Pokemon Go is becoming a saf -

Some first responders are concerned Pokemon Go is becoming a safety risk

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Pokemon Go app. Credit: KMOV Pokemon Go app. Credit: KMOV

Pokemon Go users are turning up in a couple of St. Louis County spots where they are not exactly wanted. 

Firefighters in Kirkwood unknowingly became part of the popular game. 

"The majority of us didn't have an idea up until two days ago what Pokemon was," says Kirkwood Fire Chief Jim Silvernail.  "We learned that our Station 3 is a Pokemon gem which we learned because of all the different game enthusiasts that came by the house at all different hours come by in our parking lot late at night and during the day," he says. 

But it is not just fire houses the game is taking people to. 

"I had seen a group of kids walking by on their cell phones walking home and I guess they are trying to capture monsters on my property," explained Kelly O'Learly. 

"Apparently our house is a hot spot for Pokemon Go and I didn't know until yesterday when my neighbor made me aware of it," she says. 

Safety is a huge concern for not just gamers, but those who are put in the game even if they don't want to be. 

"I don't know if they are trying to burglarize or vandalize or what they are doing. It is unnerving when you see a group of kids walking past your windows," says O'Learly. 

"They don't have a situational awareness and they can't see what's going on around them especially if a fire truck is coming out of the fire station they are not going to be able to see that," Silvernail added.

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