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Missouri lawmaker: It's possible to be pro-black and pro-police

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A Missouri lawmaker thinks the adoption of reforms concerning how the police are trained, paid, and interact with the community will allow the public to be free from choosing sides. 

State Representative Shamed Dogan said it's possible to be Pro-Black and Pro-Police. 

Rep. Dogan is a Republican who represents the Ballwin area. On his Facebook page, it shows support for the Ballwin Police Department and their recently shot officer, Michael Flamion.

Rep. Dogan said he's been touched by the pain of police being shot by criminals. But he's also been touched by the pain of black people being shot by police. This week, he wrote an article detailing what he calls pro-black and pro-police reforms the country should adopt. 

In his reforms, Rep. Dogan includes ending what is known as "profit policing." This reform would limit the revenue amount cities can collect from traffic fines. 

Rep. Dogan also calls for the improvement of police training by focusing on avoiding use of deadly force whenever possible. 

Requiring outside investigations into officer-involved deaths, decriminalizing marijuana, increased police pay, and admitting racial profiling is real and punishing those guilty of it are among the other reforms included in his article. 

Rep. Dogan said people should not have to choose a side. 

"I think younger people can see the nuance in this, as being bad," Rep. Dogan said. 

To learn more about Rep. Dogan and his plans on reform, you can head to his website. 

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