News Investigates: Allegations of absentee ballot abuse in St. L -

News Investigates: Allegations of absentee ballot abuse in St. Louis City

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – Three candidates running for office in St Louis City say they want an investigation into possible absentee ballot abuse.

The candidates are calling for the investigation to happen before the August 3 primary.

The candidates have been digging into the numbers from past elections.

News 4 obtained letters to election commissioners in the city, asking the board to investigate what an attorney is calling extreme irregularities and potential absentee ballot fraud in St Louis City. The candidates in three races want to make sure the election is fair for voters like you.

The letters are sent by attorney Dave Roland who is representing three candidates, two in local city elections and one for state representative. The incumbents running in those elections are Rodney Hubbard and his wife Penny Hubbard.

Roland says that in past elections where the Hubbard’s or their family members were running, the number of absentee ballots cast, especially in Ward 5 of the city, skyrocketed. Sometimes the percentage as high as 50 percent and in one case as much as 65 percent of all ballots cast and the vast majority of those ballots are cast for the Hubbard’s.

On elections where a Hubbard wasn't running, the percentage of absentee ballots, according to the attorney, was much, much lower closer to 10 percent.

“It appears that something strange, potentially something fraudulent is going on, but we don't have enough information to say who is responsible for it,” said Roland. 

Roland wants the election board to take additional measures to ensure the legitimacy of the absentee ballots cast in these elections.

News 4 called the election board. They say they've received Roland's letters and are reviewing them. Meanwhile, News 4 reached out to representatives of the Hubbard family, but have not heard back.

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