St. Louis-based startup creating product to allow plants to grow -

St. Louis-based startup creating product to allow plants to grow without soil

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Nectar (Credit; Hummingbird Technologies / Nectar (Credit; Hummingbird Technologies /

ST. LOUIS ( – A St. Louis-based startup company is working to create a product that will allow plants to grow in any environment without soil.

Hummingbird Technologies is still in its early stages, but their first product, the Nectar Smart Garden, can easily fit in a kitchen and allow for plant growth in any environment. The product comes with a mobile app that allows users to know when the need to water their plant and also alerts users to the best time to harvest produce.

“If you want to grow Japanese strawberries in the winter in St. Louis, all you have to do is put the seeds in and on your app you go in and press Japanese strawberries, and then the inside will adjust the temperature, the humidity everything to make sure that it is growing Japanese strawberries right here in St. Louis,” said Danny Varghese, CFO of Hummingbird Technologies.

The company was created about nine years ago, but in 2015 they received a $50,000 Arch Grant to help them develop their latest product.

“They’ve given us the capital, which is like the foundation of the company and they are helping us build this company from the ground up. At the same time, apart from the capital they are giving us different access to mentors so that we can talk to them. We can go up to them and refine the business plan,” Varghese said.

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