Archaeologists digging at future NGA site -

Archaeologists digging at future NGA site

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Archaeologists digging at future NGA site in north St. Louis (Credit: KMOV) Archaeologists digging at future NGA site in north St. Louis (Credit: KMOV)

NORTH ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – Before construction begins on the grounds for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency in north St. Louis, archaeologists are digging up about two dozen sites.

Joe Harl with the Archaeological Research Center of St. Louis said, “There's so much material we're finding, more than anticipated; look up the makers marks, look up who made it and when they made the bottles and what they were used for.”

About five percent of the roughly 90 acres that will make up the NGA site are being dug up.

Harl says deciding exactly where to dig meant extensive research, poring over city maps and looking through old city records and directories.

The archaeologists say they have found everything from pistols, a chamber pot, to a plastic football helmet for a child’s toy to marbles.

Harl says while they are digging through yards they are concentrating more on privies and early outhouses because for years they were used for trash.

“To me it's not the object that's exciting but what it tells us about the people,” said Harl. “It's kind of neat when you're holding that to realize the last person who held it was in the 1800s and it's kind of neat to wonder what their lives were like and through archeology we're getting an understanding.”

Harl says the digging will continue until September. He says it is like unearthing time capsules.

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